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The KENDA Enduro One series unites six mountainbike enduro races in the german speaking area.


Tour dates 2020

23rd / 24th May- Winterberg
27th / 28th June - Roßbach/ Biebergemünd
8th / 9th August - Wipperfürth
29th / 30th August - St. Johann i.T. /Tyrol (AUSTRIA)
12th / 13th September - Innsbruck (AUSTRIA)
10th / 11th October - Bad Endbach

All races are open for bikers from all countries with or without license. With the registration resp. entry you select your category. You can also participate with an e-mountainbike (pedelec).


How to join in

Basically we distinguish between registration (in the series) and entry (for an event). By registering, you secure all exclusive advantages for serial starters (e. g. guaranteed starting place, discounted entry fees, exclusive serial rating). Monetary the registration in the series pay off if you race two events or more.

Irrespective of the registration in the series is the entry for an event. With the respective entry you secure your starting place for each individual event. Also guest entrants (without registration in the series) can enter the event – as long as starting places are available. The places for registration as well as for entry are limited.

Registration in the series: Einschreibung

Entry for an event: Nennung


Categories 2020

KENDA Enduro One is open to everyone regardless of a license. According to your skills, age and gender you can choose between following categories:

  • E1 Pro * – You have a lot of racing experience and very good skills? In this class you have the chance to compete with other pros and win high cash prizes as a serial starter.
  • E1 Sport – This is the main class exclusively for serial starters. It is all about sporty driving pleasure.
  • E1 Pre Senior – This is the class for serial starters born 1989 or before.
  • E1 Senior – You are born in 1984 or before? Exclusively as a serial starter you can register for the class E1 Senior then.
  • E1 Super Senior * – All mountain bikers born in 1974 or before can start as Super Senior. Also guest entrants are welcome!
  • E1 Woman *– In this class the girls are among themselves. Serial starters compete for prize money as high as the pros.
  • E1 Beginner – Serial starters with little or no racing experience can register for this class. E1 Beginner is reserved for real beginners and is the ideal start to your enduro career.
  • E1 Junior * – The offspring can also participate in the regular race. For them we have introduced the E1 Junior, which is open for serial starters as well as guests born in 2001 or later.
  • E1 E-Bike* – For those who ride with an e-mountainbike (pedelec) we offer an own category. Guest entrants are welcome.
  • E1 Guest* – For all participants, who cannot or do not want to start in the other classes released for guests, there is still the "guest class" E1 Guest.

It is the responsibility of each participant to choose the correct category. We reserve the right to upgrade or downgrade participants into other classes before or during the season, if this seems necessary.


E1 Wild Childs – The youngest

E1 Wild Childs are racing a modified competition. They race a short track with stages that are suitable for the age group. Participation is only allowed for young riders of the appropriate age groups who do not participate in the regular Enduro One race. A double start is not possible. The tracks for the Wild Childs are always designed in such a way that even the youngest can participate. NEW in 2018 is also here the registration in the series.

  • E1 Wild Childs U10 * – Young bikers born in 2011 and younger
  • E1 Wild Childs U13 *– Young bikers born between 2008 and 2010
  • E1 Wild Childs U16 *– Young bikers born between 2005 and 2007

* Open for guest entrants as long as there are sufficient starting places available


Registration and entry fees

The fees for registration in the series are:

  • Adult: 55 Euro
  • Youth (regular race): 40 Euro
  • Youth (E1 Wild Childs): 30 Euro

For 10 euro extra you can upgrade your registration to “Premium” (e.g. bikers´ profile with portrait picture and own text). Further you can order the official serial shirt for 12,90 Euro.

The fees for entry per event are:

  • Registered biker (adult): 35 Euro
  • Registered biker (youth): 25 Euro
  • Unregistered biker (guest entrant, adult): 60 Euro
  • Unregistered biker (guest entrant, youth): 50 Euro
  • Registered Wild Childs (youth): 10 Euro
  • Unregistered Wild Childs (youth): 25 Euro

In case of entry after the closing date (later than two weeks before the event) an extra fee of 5 Euro will be charged.

In principle, there is no claim for repayment of the entry fee. At the time of your entry you have the possibility to insure the entry fee for an extra fee of 5 Euro. This means that in the event of illness, injury or pregnancy, the entry fee will be refunded in full.



Participants who have not yet reached the age of 18 years require the consent of their legal guardian for successful enrolment and entry. A corresponding form is available for download on the homepage and must be handed in when collecting the starting documents on site.

Download: Einverständniserklärung Erziehungsberechtigte


Time schedule

All KENDA Enduro One events are based on the framework schedule. Additions or changes are possible and will be announced directly in the event´s menu.


18.00 - 19.00 h
Registration of all starters


9.00 - 12.00 h
Registration for all starters

10.00 h
E1 Wild Childs with Guide

10.00 h
Announcement of the routes for Saturday

11.00 - 14.00 h

14.00 h
Award ceremony E1 Wild Childs

14.05 h
Special stage E1 E-Bike

14.30 - 15.00 h
Registration for all starters

14.55 h
Information for all starters

Afterwards (15:00 h)

Award ceremony special stage and prologue

Announcement of the routes for Sunday

Announcement of the starting order for Sunday


8.30 - 9.00 h
Registration for all starters

9.25 h
Information for all starters

From 9.30 h
Main race (individual start time according to prologue result)

After the race
Award Ceremony Event

During all events there is a catering offer with delicious food and drinks at biker-friendly prices.

This schedule usually applies to all events in the KENDA Enduro One 2019 Series, and any additions or changes will be announced directly in the Events menu.

(subject to change without notice)


How it works

Each track consists of (measured) stages and (unmeasured) connecting stages. Only the time of the stages (plus prologue on the day before the main race) is included in the total time. A stage is a downhill section with natural or artificial obstacles. After each stage, connecting stages lead to the next stage. There is a generous time limit for the entire track.

On Saturday morning the first part of the track will be announced. Training on selected stages is allowed during the announced times. The other sections of the track must be driven on sight. The complete route will be announced on Saturday evening.

The prologue determines the starting order of the main race and is simultaneously included in the total time. If you do not participate in the prologue, the total time will be double the time of the best prologue in your class. In total, all tracks of the main race on Sunday plus prologue on Saturday will be added together for the evaluation. The transfer stages are not considered and all penalty times are added.

The time measurement is carried out by an active transponder, which is included in your starter kit. A deposit of 20 Euro must be deposited and will be returned in the target area. The transponder is attached to the handlebar with a rubber holder. Without transponder no time measurement and participation is possible! The transponder must be activated before the start and read out after the finish (every day). This takes place in the start/finish channel.


What you need

To participate you need a mountain bike in perfect technical condition. Depending on the local prerequisites and outside conditions (weather, etc.) you can choose the model and components according to your preferences.  An event is to be absolved with only one mountain bike. Changing bikes during an event is not permitted.

In addition, a helmet with CE marking is mandatory in all cases.

For your own safety, we recommend additional protective equipment for the stages (full face helmet, knee pads, back and elbow protectors).

No license is required.


E1 E-Bike

Participants of the category E1 E-Bike, i. e. mountain bikers with pedelec (see technical requirements), complete a special e-bike stage, which puts the skills of the motorised starters to the test. Depending on the location, this can be an uphill section or a technically tricky course, for example. This stage is not (!) included in the total time of the weekend. However, you can collect additional points for the championship on this stage. The regular prologue is still to be absolved (2018 NEW). Those who do not participate can still start the next day. In total time, the best e-biker's time is doubled in the prologue. The main race is the regular course.

There are further technical requirements for the e-bikes. Only pedelecs with a maximum motor power of 250 watts may be used. The motor must be firmly installed in the bike and may accelerate the bike to max. 25 km/h (according to EU motor vehicle regulations). The power of the motor only results as pedal support and must not replace it. There is no need for a type-approval and an insurance number for these vehicles. Also, only the standard batteries of the pedelec are allowed and additional or modified versions are strictly prohibited. The battery must not be changed or charged during a race day. We reserve the right to check the pedelecs.


Serial ranking

The five best results of the six races are included in the serial ranking (one strike result).

Points are awarded in all classes according to the following mode:

Place Points Place Points Place Points Place Points
1 30 7 17 13 11 19 5
2 25 8 16 14 10 20 4
3 22 9 15 15 9 21 3
4 20 10 14 16 8 22 2
5 19 11 13 17 7 23 1
6 18 12 12 18 6   


Safety instructions

Mountain biking might be dangerous. The events are insured by organizer's liability insurance. It is recommended that all participants take out additional private accident insurance covering the special risk of mountain biking.

It is recommended that each participant undergo a medical examination at regular intervals in order to check his physical fitness. Every driver is obliged to report any injuries he has suffered during the event to the local medical service. It is recommended to take a mobile phone with you. Emergency numbers will be announced.

In emergency situations the participants are asked to help each other. The race control can make time corrections in the event of a loss of time caused by proven assistance. In the event of proven failure to provide assistance, the participant will be disqualified.


Data protection

Participants agree to OAI/BABOONS events' general privacy policy (available here).


Responsibility and disclaimer of liability

All participants take part in the event at their own risk. They are solely responsible under civil and criminal law for all damages caused by them or their sports equipment. Participants waive any right of action or recourse against all parties involved in the organisation of the event by submitting their registration/ entry for all accidents or damage suffered in connection with the event, in particular with regard to

  • the organiser, its representatives and helpers
  • the owner (s) of the property used for the event, as well as the structural installations and facilities, against the operator of the track used for the event and his or her representatives and assistants.
  • the OAI e. V., its representatives and helpers
  • the promoter BABOONS, his representatives and helpers.
  • this agreement becomes effective upon dispatch of the registration or entry to OAI e. V. to all parties involved (subject to changes to this announcement). Each participant expressly confirms that the entered information is correct in its entirety.

Minors require the consent of their legal guardians to participate.

It is pointed out that mountain biking entails health risks and an increased risk of accident or injury. On the transfer stages, the participants are normal road users. In the public transport area, the road traffic regulations apply in their entirety. All legal questions regarding the KENDA Enduro One Series are governed by German law.


(all information is subject to change without notice)





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